Direct Payment & Individual Budgets

Direct Payment & Individual Budgets

Direct Payment

Golden Key Support has been working with clients in receipt of a Direct Payment for a number of years. Most of the people we currently support are adults with a learning disability although we do have staff who are trained and skilled in working with a range of clients from families to older people.

Direct Payments offer more flexibility than a standard care package in that clients have more direct control over the support services they buy and how they are delivered. At Golden Key Support we work closely with our clients to ensure that services are delivered in a way that clients are happy with. Clients have a choice of carer(s) who are flexible in the time and manner of service delivery.

Although Direct Payments offer some control their use is not as flexible as an Individual Budget.

Individual Budgets

Over the last few years there has been a move towards giving clients much more control over the services they access in order to help them meet specific outcomes that they have identified. The outcomes can be met either by using traditional social care or in more imaginative ways. Outcomes are identified in a Support Plan that has a budget associated with it. The client is free to spend their budget in any way they wish as long as their outcomes are met.

At Golden Key Support we strongly support individuals having more control over the support they receive and the move towards an outcome driven support plan. We work with people in receipt of Individual Budgets in a number of ways.

Firstly, where the individual wishes to use part of their budget to purchase traditional personal care we are able to provide that service in a flexible, personalised way that meets an individual’s requirements.

Secondly, if an individual requires a service that we are unable to provide ourselves we will signpost them to an organisation who may be able to help them or if we are aware of a provider of that service we will inform the client.

Finally, we can help people recruit Personal Assistants (PA’s). This will include help in the selection procedure, training and payroll services. The PA may be either employed directly by the individual or by us but working exclusively for a specific person.