Why Us

Why Golden Key Support?

Golden Key Support offers you a high level of flexibility, from simple things such as choosing your meals and watching your favourite programmes on television, through to having the freedom to be active each day knowing there is someone there to support your care requirements.

These may seem simple requests, but such things can have a profound effect on an individual’s well-being. The benefits of allowing someone to retain their individuality and independence throughout illness should not be overlooked; this is particularly true for dementia conditions where maintaining continuity and familiarity of routine is especially important.

There are many ways in which Golden Key Support can benefit you. Our service:

  • Enables you to remain living in your own home
  • Allows you to continue living your chosen lifestyle
  • Is comparable in cost to many care homes
  • Offers one-to-one care, providing you with greater flexibility and personalisation
  • Offers continuity of care from a small number of Carers; selected to match your requirements
  • Is available on a short or long-term basis, often at very short notice

Our support is based on you and your Carer being able to have a good night’s sleep; therefore should you need support, your Carer can be called upon three times within a 12 hour cycle during the night, effective from 7pm – 7am.

For those whose needs during the night are more complex, we offer a 24 hour care service available on 07572 227 488.